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Choosing your Flooring - FAQs

Why should I consider buying my flooring at Royal Plus?
Royal Plus Flooring has been in Ocean City, serving the Delmarva community since 1983. Our friendly staff has over 50 years of combined flooring experience. We pride ourselves on honesty, integrity and customer satisfaction. If we wouldn't allow it in our own home, we don't want it in yours.
Do you offer free estimates?
Yes, any store who would charge someone to earn their business should make you run away FAST! Customers should be treated with importance. We, at Royal Plus Flooring, want to earn your business from the start and that includes letting you know your options from the start.
What kind of warranty does Royal Plus offer "over and above" the manufacturer's warranty?
Royal Plus offers a three (3) year warranty on all labor and installations.


Some stores rate carpets as "Good, Better, and Best", while other use a numeric scale. How can I tell which is right?
Little trade secret here, there is no "governing" body that tells a store or manufacturer how to institute a uniformed, grading scale. Therefore, every store or manufacturer can grade their product as they please. The industry refers to such scales as a "dummy salesperson". In the absence of a qualified professional, the "dummy salesperson" sells the customer.
Can I get good performance by purchasing a better grade cushion with a lesser grade carpet?
While it is widely known that a higher grade cushion will prolong the life and performance of a carpet, it is not that simple. The carpet itself has to be of a certain quality. The two products must work as a team. One, alone, won't get the job done.
Why is there such a big difference in carpet prices?
Many factors come into play to make up a carpet's price. Fiber type, its characteristics, density of fiber and twist are some of the qualities necessary. Price is determined by how many qualities a certain carpet possesses.


What's the purpose of an engineered hardwood floor versus a solid?
Wood is a natural product and responds to atmospheric conditions; moisture, humidity and temperature. It expands and contracts, breathes if you will. An engineered wood floor, through its construction, adds stability and minimizes expansion and contraction.
How can we get a wood floor to be all the same color and not have variations?
Well, you can't, but you can minimize the variations. Remember wood comes from a tree, with veins, grain, knots and such. Each of these qualities shows up in the staining or sealing of a wood. However, certain species of wood can reduce these variations.
How can I prevent "scratches" from ruining my wood floor?
The truth of the matter is that you can't prevent them, BUT, you can minimalize the chances. Place entrance mats to catch pebbles and sand from your shoes at all outside doorways. Put felt pads under chair, table, and furniture legs. Also, make sure the wood you are going to purchase meets your needs for hardness. Different species of hardwood have a hardness rating called the Janka Chart. Our sales team will assist you in this matter.


Can I have a new vinyl floor overtop my existing floor?
Possibly. Most manufacturers will allow the installation of 1 floor overtop another. A proper inspection will let you know if this is possible. Remember, the success of any remodeling project is directly related to the base structure it is built on.
Why is Luxury Vinyl Tile / Plank so popular?
Today, LVT is one of the hottest products on the market because of what it delivers -- GREAT looks, and HIGH performance -- especially in areas where moisture is a concern. Add to that the Value Proposition: what these products can do for the money is often unparalleled by other products. This is especially true with the new floating technologies resulting from the advent of clic technology and especially "free-floating." The growth of grip-strip products continues to garner attention and acclaim for the category. Stop in at Royal Plus Flooring and see our selection. Find out for yourselves what all the excitement is about.


Isn't a ceramic tile floor supposed to be "maintenance free"?
No floor is maintenance free. All floors need some maintenance and cleaning or upkeep. While ceramic is a sealed product and can resist dirt and stains, grout or natural stone products are not.
I have a ceramic tile floor now and a few tiles and grout have cracked. What happened?
Without a little more information it's hard to ascertain the cause, improper installation, moisture or settlement of the building, may be the culprit. Ceramic is designed to be permanent and NOT to move. If installation is not correct, and the tile vibrates or moves, cracks occur. This is just a simple, possible explanation and is not definitive.